Impact On Ecosystem

The fire destroys some adult trees and burns the branches, trunks and leaves of others. It also burns the undergrowth

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Impact On Human & WildLife

We are losing wildlife at an ever-increasing scale across the planet, with impacts to ecosystems vital for our own global food production

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Impact On Economy

More than 10 million hectares have been burnt during the summer bushfire crisis and more than 2000 homes destroyed

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BushFire A Catastrophic Damage

The social and environmental costs of Australia’s summer bushfires have been devastating, and while narrow economic costs are likely to be modest in comparison, they will still be significant, going well beyond the implications for GDP growth.

One starting point for estimating the cost of natural disasters is insurance losses — around $1.8 billion in the case of the 2009 Black Saturday fires, for example, and $2.5b for the 1983 Ash Wednesday fires.

In mid-January, the Insurance Council of Australia estimated bushfire-related insurance losses since November 2019 at around $1.3b - these are expected to increase substantially.









Hear what our PM have to say

The Australian bushfire season of 2019-2020 is now the climate topic of the year – the severe bushfire season has caused more than 2000 houses to burn in the state of New South Wales (NSW) alone. At least 34 people have died and likely over 1 billion mammals, birds and reptiles has been lost

According to wikipedia pages for the 2019-2020 bushfire season (2) 18.9 million hectares of land has been burned as of 14h of January. This sounds severe, but how large is the amount of burned land when comparing to the earlier seasons?

Scott Morrison

Australia PM

Australia Prime Minister address of the devasting effect of Bush Fire